Saturday, 16 June 2018

Basket of Fruit - eBook

It has been on my mind for a while to make a series of cute fruit amigurumi. The Japanese term, in case you are not familiar with it, refers to the art of making small-scale knitted or crocheted toys.
In Spring 2017 I started creating the patterns and thus embarked on a delicious journey that lasted several months, while I chose the perfect fruits to capture in crocheted form and figured out the best way to make the appealing rounded shapes, and the neat little stalks and leaves. When I felt I had enough fruits I created a simple country basket to keep them all in, and it seemed natural to offer this series of designs in a book.

With basic crochet knowledge you will find the majority of the patterns easy, and some will require little experience because of the variety of stitches used. They are fun and quick projects to make – it will take you on average just an hour or two to complete one.

All the fruits in this book have been created with cotton fingering (4-ply) yarn. In each pattern you will find information about the materials required and the dimensions of the finished fruit. If you use the same yarn that I did to make the fruits, they will turn out life-size.
The basket has been designed to be made with cotton bulky (chunky) yarn, worked with two strands. However, you can choose a different weight of cotton, acrylic or wool yarn as long as you also select an appropriate crochet hook. Whatever your choice, I recommend that you use the same yarn weight for all the fruits so that the finished items are in proportion, and use a yarn for the basket that will give you a nice rigid crochet fabric.

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