About me

My name is Mary and I'm Italian.
I live in a charming town called Verona in the north of Italy.

I have crocheted and knitted ever since I can remember. My grandmothers taught me the basics and then I experimented and tried any sort of stitch.

At the beginning of 2013 I discovered the art of amigurumi by chance, I got very passionate and soon I started designing my own characters. There has been no stopping ever since.
Each of my amis is a step forward into the fantastic amigurumi world, I have met so many nice people and learnt so much through this art.

I put great energy in any new pattern. I write the instructions having in mind beginner crocheters and include many photos, tips and hints to help along the way.
I hope my amis could be for each of you as special as they are to me.

If you are not in a hurry leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions about Mary's Amiland amigurumis patterns, I'm really keen to hear from you!

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