Thursday, 8 December 2016

Oliver Bear The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, February 2016

When I design a new amigurumi, I spend time thinking about all the features. I study the dimension and the detail of the various parts, I search on the web to make sure my new character is not similar to others. Finally I make a sketch that becomes the pattern for me to follow. Oliver did not go through this process, or better to say, I was trying to make something else and he turned out instead. He is a mistake, however the most welcome one as he is the cutest thing I have ever created. Is he not adorable… I wish I had the age to play with him!

The pattern was featured in Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue 45 - May 2016



  1. YES❗Oliver is just too GORGEOUS❗
    It was Love at 1st Sight for me❗
    He is destined to be a 'Mistake'
    that is adored by almost everyone
    who sees him, without a doubt❗
    I can certainly see why U love him
    too Mary❗ Congratulations on ALL
    yr amazing Creations Mary❗
    U are clearly one very Gifted,
    Talented & Creative Lady❗:-)

    1. THANK YOU so much for your words, you have made me feel a star!

  2. Omgoodness Mary, what an absolutely adorable 'mistake' just too cute! 😉

    And I definitely will be making this lil guy for sures! 👍