Saturday, 16 January 2016

RESOBOX's World Amigurumi Exhibit vol. 2: Crocheted Culture Celebration!

The exhibition goes from Dec 11, 2015 to Feb 28, 2016 in New York, and during this time ROSEBOX has organised various events to help make known amigurumi around the world!

- opening party held on 11th December 2015.
If you missed that event check out the video to see how the night went! It was definitely a bustling night and ROSEBOX gallery was filled with ‪amigurumi‬ and people alike.
I could not join the party, however thanks to the video I felt as if I were there. I could even see some of my pieces!

- every day a themed amigurumi is posted on Facebook so we can learn a bit more about the various countries that have been featured in the exhibition.
At this link you can find Italy that I have had the honour to represent with Nick Bear.

- next event is scheduled at Vogue Knitting Live! this weekend (January 15-16, 2015) where you can visit RESOBOX booth on the 6th floor. They will be showcasing ‪amigurumi‬ pieces from the World Amigurumi Exhibition as well as presenting a lecture on Sunday at 2:30 PM on "The current trend of Amigurumi in Japan."
Check out the ‪‎vklive ‬website for more details and registration!

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