Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rose Butterfly The Ami

by Mary’s Amiland, March 2015

Rose had been in my plans for a long time but I was afraid to start her because I expected her wings would give me lots of headaches. I wanted to include a mandala motif in her wings, I spent long hours experimenting, combining colours and …”frogging” (i.e. ripping out) before I could come up with something I liked. Despite everything I had a wonderful time designing and then crocheting Rose, her smiling face makes me proud and rewards me of all the efforts.

Rose is my third insect and she is part of a bigger project of mine. In my fantastic world she is the fiancĂ©e of Dan Bumblebee which is the first insect of this project. The series will end with a fiancĂ© for Lily Ladybug but I have not decided yet which insect might be… looking forward to it!

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