Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Appling safety eyes and nose

I do not know about you but I have always been fighting with safety eyes. Any time I had to apply them it had taken me a while until I was able to complete the task.
Now I know why, I have always done the wrong thing!
I thought to share with you my discovery in this field hoping you may benefit of it.

You have already inserted the eyes and/or the nose in the amigurumi’s head and you are ready to fix them in the back.

First thing to do is to warm up the concave part of the washer. I usually put it close to the cooktop holding it with a pair of pliers for few seconds.

Next you place the warmed washer on the rod of the eye in the back part of the amigurumi's head with the dome side facing you. Push it down helping yourself with the small plastic dishes that come along with the safety eyes purchase.

When the washer goes cold again it will harden and not come apart.
You are now done!

Isn’t easy ..... if you know what to do?

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